The Technology

conceptual video

  • Access bioinformatics including all ambr15 scale upstream + tecan robocolumn downstream housed in one streamlined platform within a 1mx1m cube that gives digital real time monitoring in one streamlined process truly next generation solution when navigating the bioprocessing market. 

  • Newest processes and technology offers a factory in one box to deliver processes and solutions in one end-to-end process within the platform delivering one continuous approach that will allow clients to lower costs and speed up their own processes. 

  • Deliver the manufacturing of several products at the same time to solve the need to adapt more quickly to recent market needs. The biggest value is how our engineers are now able to offer services from the box that include real-time monitoring and control.

  • Increase throughput and save valuable time - Parallelization can significantly reduce hands-on time.

  • Validate chromatographic conditions without the need for complex LC systems.

  • Collect multiple fractions to generate chromatograms.

  • All at a fraction of the time and cost of today's standards.


Old North Factory in St. Louis for future Biotechnology Core Lab

Conceptual art of new Medvectors building and biotechnology lab services in St. Louis Missouri.

Medvectors entrance concept